I have had Miles as a landlord for over 4 years now, having lived in a number of his properties. I have always found his properties to be of a high standard and well maintained.

Labour problems are always fixed quickly and efficiently, this winter I texted Miles as the boiler pressure had fallen in the cold weather, not only did I get an immediate response but someone came out in the deep snow and on a Sunday! This is just one example of the great service Miles and Pippa take pride in providing.

Miles is a member of the National Landlords Association and this means that your deposit is held in a custodial government backed scheme (as required by law) – this means that you don’t have to worry about the landlord doing a runner or not refunding your deposit due to a lack of funds (as has occurred in the past with me!).

Miles is considerate in placing new tenants into his houses, to try and ensure that the houses remain professional with people of similar ages and professions living together.

I would highly recommend Miles as a Landlord and am willing to be contacted by any potential tenants.