About us

County Rooms is run by two partners, both in marriage and in business, Miles J Hackett and Philippa Gordon Hackett.

About Miles

miles photo

Miles J Hackett BSc

Miles completed a primary degree in Psychology and IT at University College Dublin in 1988. From there, he started working in IT as a self-employed consultant before then becoming a senior analyst in a number of financial institutions in the City of London. Two years after arriving in London, he invested in his first property. Since then, he has owned and improved a number of properties and set up portfolios of his own and also for others.

In February 2003, he co-founded a garden design company with his wife, and garden designer, Philippa Gordon Hackett. The launch of the County Rooms website was timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the same garden design business, Gordon Hackett Designs Ltd. Having bought and designed a portfolio of properties Gordon Hackett Designs Ltd is now trading as County Rooms and providing specialised multi-let property management services both for its own portfolio and for others.

Over the past twenty-five years, Miles has established and run a number of highly successful companies, both in IT consultancy and more recently within the world of property investment and management.

Miles is now an accredited landlord with the National Landlords Association.

About Philippa

Pippa Hackett

Philippa Gordon Hackett BEd(hons) MW Garden Design

Gordon Hackett Designs Ltd has grown and developed over the years and has completed many creative projects. It started in West End, Esher but as the company expanded, moved to larger premises in Send, Woking.

Ten years after creating the business in 2003, Pippa, through County Rooms, is now providing specialist multi-let property design and management services both for her own portfolio and for others.

Pippa completed a primary degree in Design and Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1993 following two years of study in Interior Architecture at the South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education in Cardiff. From there, she worked as a Teacher of Art and Design in Farnborough. She got on the first rung of the property ladder immediately after graduating and took a keen interest in developing the property. Since then, she has owned and improved a number of properties and set up portfolios of her own and with her husband Miles.

Pippa went on to specialise in Garden Design and completed her Diploma at Merrist Wood in 2003. This prompted the setting up of Gordon Hackett Designs Ltd. While the business was in the early setup stages she utilised her teaching status and continued at Merrist Wood as a lecturer.

Gordon Hackett Designs Ltd soon became aware that the skills involved with designing gardens could be transferred to designing homes so the tagline quickly became ‘transforming homes and gardens’. This property interest steadily grew and Gordon Hackett Designs Ltd is officially trading as County Rooms.