Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I book for as little as one day?
A. We do ask for a minimum stay of 1 month.

Q. Do you need a deposit?
A. Yes, we do ask for one month’s deposit in advance.

Q. Do you keep the deposit?
A. Yes, and by law we are required to protect it under a government authorised scheme, through whom we provide a certificate of protection.

Q. Do you screen potential new tenants?
A. Yes, we use

Q. How many references do you need?
A. Typically we ask for a previous landlords reference.

Q. Will there be a house cleaning service or gardening service included?
A. Yes, cleaning of common areas takes place weekly and gardening generally takes place twice per month – depending on the weather. Cleaning of private rooms is up to each housemate.

Q. What if I don’t get along with the other housemates or there is a dispute?
A. We often find it is best if issues are dealt with directly without our involvement in the first instance. However, if necessary, we will act as mediators and we can also try to find a more convivial alternative room for you.